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at Lotus Lodge Inn in Bolton Valley Vermont.  Last night was the Meet & Greet dinner and it was amazing.  I couldn't believe how many people came, and the distances they traveled just to be here in Vermont with Michael Tellinger.  Today, Saturday 10/01/16 and Sunday, tomorrow.  Here is the link for info:

Sunday will be a great day to come even if you can't make Saturday.  There will be an arts & music fair--I'll have a table with my amazing energy essences and energy tools!

Here I am with Michael in Boulder, November, 2015 for the taping of his Ubuntu series on Become a member and watch!  Fabulous programming.


Being a spiritual seeker today is very exciting and somewhat ominous... in a good way.  The very air around us fairly reeks of looming change, momentous shifts and even ascension.  Many of today's current speakers and authors are addressing these energies of change, from their various fields of interest.  I am finding it all very fascinating!

My own work is progressing with wonder, joy, appreciation and expansion.  See details in my new blog post later today!  It is autumn, 2015, and my strategy is keeping all circuits clear, chakras and aura charged up and functioning optimally, being a resource of Light and Love.  And to get to know more completely my Self, Gaia, our Solar System, our Galaxy and our Universe.  The macrocosm and the microcosm, we are all One.  I want my contribution to be the best I can be.


July already?  Jeesh.  How was your 4th?  We had a blast with the family at our usual gathering.  A fine time was had by all!

The latest is that I've been working with the Zone Method for a while now, and am convinced more than ever that it is something very special, and very real.  I join two wonderful women on the phone every morning for a 15-minute Zone focused meditation, and it is changing all of our lives.  So that is so wonderful.

I'm also intending and focusing on my Cosma Creations essences and products, getting them out to the world that needs them!  They are truly cutting-edge tools, and stay tuned for some instructional videos for my products.  Try them; you will be really surprised at their power and wonderful support they provide you in your life!

Wednesday night meditation is on a summer hiatus.  Just too much going on--outdoor concerts galore, etc.  Summer in Vermont is just too special to be inside any more than we have to.   I am still offering private energy sessions on the phone and spiritual consulting.  Many, many issues can be resolved easily and peacefully by aligning energetically with the desired outcome.  Don't underestimate your ability to effect change easily, with Grace and Unconditional Love!  Of course, it starts inside each one of us.  As many in the New Thought field state, we must BE the change we want to see in the world.

I'm also very excited by the work of Dr. Steven Greer whose tireless efforts toward Disclosure are inspiring and really changing the landscape.... many countries have already opened up their UFO files for public scrutiny.  He has hundreds of thousands of pages of these on file at Sirius/CSeti.  Find him at 

Another very important film I want to share is Thrive, the movie.
Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly have done the world a HUGE service by putting out this movie for free.  Watch it, please.  Please stay through to the end, because it ends on a beautiful note of hope.  Yes, learning how we've been betrayed by our government and country is horrible, but he provides solutions to the problems.

Then, please, have some friends over to watch it as well.  This information needs to get out.  Our life and our world is changing at the speed of light, folks, and hiding our heads in the sand pretending it isn't will only serve to cripple you, or worse.  Wake up!  The cosmic alarm went off decades ago.  Humanity has been asleep at the wheel for far too long.  Time to awaken and become part of the solution!

A quick pic of my new Art Bags on my back deck--taken pre-spring sweeping!

Another very exciting project for me is getting my art on Burlington's Flashbags!  I have to load the pix onto this site, but my bags and clutches are for sale!  It's a blast seeing my art on these totes.  They are all individually handmade by the ladies at Flashbags, and I really enjoyed working with Laura and Erin to create these beautiful pieces.  I think my art is really well-suited to this application.  I sold quite a few at the art show on Memorial day weekend at Shelburne Pond Studios.  That was a fun event.

It's fun that the ART in Marna's Healing ARTS is now out and on display!  Items available for purchase.  Email me or call for prices!

OK, that's it for this summer update.  Stay connected, stay grateful, stay present.  All is well in our world!


Happy New Year!  2015 has been feeling wonderful so far on the whole ... a lovely holiday season, more time with the offspring, carving out a little more down time.  Packing one off back to college this weekend, and then things will settle back into a gentle rhythm for winter.

I've been expanding into a new area of energy tools.  I call them my Jewel Tools.  I have been programming them with various blends of my energy essences, and using them as devices to deliver these frequencies into the chakras and aura.  They work magnificently!

The one pictured here is programmed for Healing, green being the quintessential healing color.  It's huge, the amount of energy it delivers.  And feels so good.  More are being created every day, of every size, shape and color.  More pix coming soon.  They are available for sale, and can be experienced at my Wednesday evening healing meditation, or by appointment.

The extreme cold temps are a challenge this new year, for bi-peds and quadri-peds alike, so be aware of windchill and stay warm out there!

Wednesday night meditations are once again bringing outrageous well-being and alignment and expansion to all who come.  We're meeting at 6:30 in Shelburne every Wednesday, ending around 8.  It is different every time--you'll never know what to expect, except to feel fantastic afterwards!  Join us if the idea of feeling really, really good appeals to you!

I hate to think about it, but summer isn't going to last much longer.  We have had some cold-ish nights already!  I'm thinking I need to bring my plants inside.  And get to the river in the mountains a couple more times before I'll be satisfied, while it's still warm.  What is on your "must do before summer is over" list?  Here's to getting my son off to his first year of college, my youngest to his first year of high school, and getting organized in my own work.  I've got videos, essences in production and all kinds of things to put my energy into, once the routines and rhythms of autumn are back in play.  Enjoy the warmth while we still have it!   (Moved 10/5/14)

In these last days of snow in these northern climes, remember the clearing powers of snow crystals (flakes) for your personal healing stones and crystals.  Put them outside (in a safe place, on grass, preferably) during a snowfall for overnight, or at least several hours.  You will be amazed at how they are just brilliantly radiant in their glory!  

This winter am focusing on producing my products; beautiful stones and wands, crystals and essences, for  enhancing your own personal spiritual journey.  Call for more information or to place an order.  Or see them at my Wednesday weekly meditation.

News & Notes:Tonight, as on every Wednesday evening, is the  Guided Healing Energy Experience/Meditation or whatever you want to call it.  You decide, after you've been.  6:30 - 8-ish here in Shelburne Village.  I'll have a fire in the fireplace and hot tea for starters.  And then a beautiful experience of warming yourself up from the inside out with the help of some really special energy tools.By donation.  call Marna for more info:8 0 2  -  2 3 8  -  7 9 0 8   

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