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Healing Sessions with Marna--FAQs

Marna’s Healing Arts
Remote Energy Sessions – Frequently Asked Questions
How do I do a phone session with Marna?
It’s very simple.  At the appointed time, you call her.  Ideally you are in a comfortable place, either lying down or sitting up, and you won’t be disturbed.  Have a glass of water nearby.  It’s very helpful to keep hydrated.
What is Marna doing on her end of the phone call?
Marna is in a meditative, high-frequency state, and uses a crystal sphere which serves as a proxy during the energy session.

Finding the Zone Method in 2015

Archiving this now, originally posted on Home page in April 2015.

I've recently been introduced to
the Zone Method... It felt like a visit to 5D!

My connection to this experience is divinely scripted--I had used Abraham's Placemat Process (see a few weeks ago, and asked the Universe (I just have to push that envelope of personal expansion) to show me how to Love myself (My Self) and to help me know what I need to know, see what I need to see, to move through and past my limitations, my blocks.

How Have You Fared the 2013-2014 Transition?

I have found it rather difficult, myself.

Relationships seem to be one of the prominent themes, both to Self and to others.  And to Body.  I have found myself wishing things could be just a little bit easier.

When I take the time to stop, however, and slow down for a gosh-darn minute and take a few deep breaths, things stop spinning and I have, finally, better focus and the Way becomes much clearer.  I mean, ReallY!

I am also embracing Health, in a renewed sense, in my body and my being; keeping those foods I'm allergic to out of my diet and drinking more water.

What helps you stay balanced every day?

Today's Cosma Creations essences for optimum balance, determined through pendulum dowsing:

Blue Tourmaline
3rd Chakra Blend...

What's helping you stay balanced today to better navigate your activities, your tasks, your intent and your optimum well-being and joy?

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