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It's a New Year!

It's mid-January and there is still so much cosmic tension in the world around us ... the phrase "wound tighter than a watch-spring" comes to mind.  So much intensity!  If you're halfway Awake and Aware, you're enjoying some interesting "challenges" in your life.  It seems to be non-stop.

My strategy is to commit to being more kind with myself, give myself better care and health affirming habits, and allocate even more time to meditation and energy work.

Happy my birthday!

I love November!  
It has Thanksgiving, for one, which has always been my favorite holiday, I think because it was always a big family reunion.  That's where the whole concept of "family" was writ large, played out in grand style.  And, it's my birthday, so of course I love it.  It's the energy of the season that I love too, though; the slowing down, the quieting of the external and chance to be more centered and self-reflected, and sort and gather one's energy, one's senses and sensibilities.

Robin Williams crossed over last night, and what a welcome he had!

August 12, 2014
Robin Williams died yesterday.  I am still in shock.  I did a meditation at 10 pm last night about it, and had offered others (through FB) to tune in with me.  It was beautiful, and pretty profound.

Big Smoke, a 26# pale smoky sphere who participates in magic with me!I was sitting up, a small rose quartz sphere in my left hand, and my Love wand in my right.  My Big Smoke was in front of me.  I channeled first Clearing through Big Smoke.  I visualized Robin in front of me, receiving the clearing energy.   I worked with that for quite a while.

The Summer Solstice is Almost Upon Us!

Have you been enjoying the longer days?  Isn't it grand, staying light out so late?  Well, enjoy it now, because in less than a fortnight the nights will start gaining.  It's hard to believe, for me, because the winter seemed interminable.  Can spring really have flown by so fast?  Indeed ...
I've been enjoying a phase of release and discharge of the unwanted/unneeded in my life.  Starting with my house.  Boy, does that feel good!  I'm reminded of that story I read where the author, a woman, had been to a very profound lecture or workshop by a leading personage in the field.

How Have You Fared the 2013-2014 Transition?

I have found it rather difficult, myself.

Relationships seem to be one of the prominent themes, both to Self and to others.  And to Body.  I have found myself wishing things could be just a little bit easier.

When I take the time to stop, however, and slow down for a gosh-darn minute and take a few deep breaths, things stop spinning and I have, finally, better focus and the Way becomes much clearer.  I mean, ReallY!

I am also embracing Health, in a renewed sense, in my body and my being; keeping those foods I'm allergic to out of my diet and drinking more water.

How's Your Ascension Progressing?

My spiritual development has jumped a few gears lately.  It's been amazing and wonderful receiving all the new insights, Awareness, and power now available to me that I had previously been disallowing.  The cosmic energies blowing through the solar system have accelerated things for all of us.  Here is what Heather Carlini has to say about it (

"The incoming energies are higher frequency vibrations than we have experienced in the past, so they bring up the lower vibrations (stored cellular memories) to the surface and we release them through emotion.

Spring is here! Hail and Welcome Spring!

The colors of spring are like vitamins to the soul ... after the cool whites, greys, blacks and blues of winter's landscapes, the blooming spring colors are a riot of expression, or newness, of birth and renewal.  Walking yesterday at the lakeshore in Shelburne, I reveled in a tapestry of new color, hitting me like a rainbow, or a caffeine jolt of awakeness in the morning.  Just beautiful.  Every day I am so grateful to live in the exquisite beauty that is Vermont.

These locust trees have the coolest shapes in the winter, black and gnarled, almost arthritic in their climb to the sky.

Welcoming Shifts and Allowing Change; it's Spring!

OK, we've had a month now to get into Spring's groove.  How is it working for you?  Are the Spring breezes blowing freshness and space into your life?  Are you cleaning and clearing, making room for new energies?

If so, great job.  You're in alignment with the energy of Spring.  Or are you feeling stuck, being in resistance, clinging to old patterns?  Uh oh--watch out.  You're setting yourself up for a kick in the pants!

What will it take for you to relax and let go, to surrender perceived control and allow the Breath of Life, the Pulse of the Galaxy, to enervate and realign your life and your Being?

Spring Equinox 2013 -- Celebrate Life!

Spring is almost here, and we in New England
are glad to see it come around.

I plan on welcoming it in witha lovely meditation at the Burlington Earth Clock, and you may join us around 6:00or so.  We'll gather at the Rainbow Institute for my regular weekly meditation at 5:30, Wednesday, March 20, but after our initial 3rd eye activation, we'll reconvene at the Earth Clock at 6:00.  And make some magic!

Spring is about rebirth and renewal.  Think about that for a moment.  What does it bring up in you?

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