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It's a New Year!

It's mid-January and there is still so much cosmic tension in the world around us ... the phrase "wound tighter than a watch-spring" comes to mind.  So much intensity!  If you're halfway Awake and Aware, you're enjoying some interesting "challenges" in your life.  It seems to be non-stop.

My strategy is to commit to being more kind with myself, give myself better care and health affirming habits, and allocate even more time to meditation and energy work.

Finding the Zone Method in 2015

Archiving this now, originally posted on Home page in April 2015.

I've recently been introduced to
the Zone Method... It felt like a visit to 5D!

My connection to this experience is divinely scripted--I had used Abraham's Placemat Process (see a few weeks ago, and asked the Universe (I just have to push that envelope of personal expansion) to show me how to Love myself (My Self) and to help me know what I need to know, see what I need to see, to move through and past my limitations, my blocks.

Happy my birthday!

I love November!  
It has Thanksgiving, for one, which has always been my favorite holiday, I think because it was always a big family reunion.  That's where the whole concept of "family" was writ large, played out in grand style.  And, it's my birthday, so of course I love it.  It's the energy of the season that I love too, though; the slowing down, the quieting of the external and chance to be more centered and self-reflected, and sort and gather one's energy, one's senses and sensibilities.

Robin Williams crossed over last night, and what a welcome he had!

August 12, 2014
Robin Williams died yesterday.  I am still in shock.  I did a meditation at 10 pm last night about it, and had offered others (through FB) to tune in with me.  It was beautiful, and pretty profound.

Big Smoke, a 26# pale smoky sphere who participates in magic with me!I was sitting up, a small rose quartz sphere in my left hand, and my Love wand in my right.  My Big Smoke was in front of me.  I channeled first Clearing through Big Smoke.  I visualized Robin in front of me, receiving the clearing energy.   I worked with that for quite a while.

How's Your Ascension Progressing?

My spiritual development has jumped a few gears lately.  It's been amazing and wonderful receiving all the new insights, Awareness, and power now available to me that I had previously been disallowing.  The cosmic energies blowing through the solar system have accelerated things for all of us.  Here is what Heather Carlini has to say about it (

"The incoming energies are higher frequency vibrations than we have experienced in the past, so they bring up the lower vibrations (stored cellular memories) to the surface and we release them through emotion.

What's the energy of your Code?

When you say what you mean and do what you say, you live your life by a certain moral code; a code of truth and purity and integrity, honesty.  That code forms the foundation that others will want to build a relationship with you on.

That's something I was pondering this morning as I was meditating, running various energy frequencies through me, via my Ascension 2012 Battery.  Got the chi flowing marvelously, and it inspired all kinds of interesting thoughts.  And I started thinking about the energy of one's thoughts, beliefs, patterns, etc.

Messages, Signs, Assistance, Support ...

I have been taking time to draw cards almost daily lately.  It's less than a fortnight till my birthday, and this is my attempt to slow things down, take more snapshots of each day, each event, each significant moment as 2012 winds down.

This morning the Empowerment Card I drew wasCreativity.  Second time in a week, in fact.  I've been paying attention.  Two new blog posts today (this is the 3rd), a couple new art pieces done and in the works in the last couple days ...

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