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Healing Sessions with Marna--FAQs

Marna’s Healing Arts
Remote Energy Sessions – Frequently Asked Questions
How do I do a phone session with Marna?
It’s very simple.  At the appointed time, you call her.  Ideally you are in a comfortable place, either lying down or sitting up, and you won’t be disturbed.  Have a glass of water nearby.  It’s very helpful to keep hydrated.
What is Marna doing on her end of the phone call?
Marna is in a meditative, high-frequency state, and uses a crystal sphere which serves as a proxy during the energy session.

Early Morning Magic

God, how I love my early mornings!  Here it is, 5:00 a.m. and the house is quiet; Sophie, the best dog in the world, is asleep on my bed.  Pandora in my ears is playing just the right mix on myJim Brickmanstation (to which I added the artistSpencer Lewis) and it’s just the right music in my ears.
This is the time when I know the day lies before me in all its potentiality, glistening with magic and anticipation.  I can just about taste it on my tongue.  I hold a crystal and program for my day to be filled with Love, Peace, Prosperity and Joy.

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