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Being of Service

Where Are You On Your Path, Right Now?

I feel it is of utmost importance that those of us on the Path, right now, really make an even more concerted effort to be Mindful of Self, to adhere to a strict code--your own version of the Golden Rule.  The way the energies are shifting out there, the way and extent to which what we call Reality is being modified, molded right before our eyes, is unparalleled.  Staying centered and having a day full of purposeful intention, joy, love, peace and healing, and interesting and fulfilling connections with every sentient being you cross paths with, is perhaps a tall order, but it a wise goal.

What I Intend

What I intend and choose to create in my practice here in The Rainbow Institute is to be a resource to those who seek what I have to offer.  My life experiences have created many opportunities for me to learn empathy, understanding, compassion, humility, healing, releasing ... as well as a lot about how to use energy frequencies.

I'm not where I want to be energetically yet, spiritually--but I've learned that I still have a lot I can teach and offer, I don't have to be perfect to be of service.

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