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Healing Sessions with Marna--FAQs

Marna’s Healing Arts
Remote Energy Sessions – Frequently Asked Questions
How do I do a phone session with Marna?
It’s very simple.  At the appointed time, you call her.  Ideally you are in a comfortable place, either lying down or sitting up, and you won’t be disturbed.  Have a glass of water nearby.  It’s very helpful to keep hydrated.
What is Marna doing on her end of the phone call?
Marna is in a meditative, high-frequency state, and uses a crystal sphere which serves as a proxy during the energy session.  She channels different frequencies into the sphere, and because you want to receive them, and you are connected with her on the phone call, you do.
What are these “frequencies” of which you speak? 
The notes of the musical scale are individual frequencies expressed in sound.  The colors of the rainbow are individual frequencies expressed in color/light.  Marna receives special frequencies from the angelic realm as vibration, and transmits them through her being, out her hands.  When applied to the human aura, or the aura of a plant or animal, the effect is rapid and very beneficial.  [Note: It is said that the five human senses can perceive only 1% of Reality.  These frequencies Marna channels are simply part of the 99% of our universe we cannot see.] 
What makes these angelic frequencies Marna channels beneficial?
Being from the angelic realms, they are higher on the energy spectrum than where we human beings hang out in the 3 dimension (3D).  3D is actually rather dense, thick and heavy.
When dis-ease or illness comes along, it has been hanging out in our energy bodies (the aura) before it manifests on the physical level, in our body.  So keeping ourselves “lighter” helps us stay healthy and happy. 
How does it do that?
These energies will help keep your chakras (the energy centers in your aura) functioning optimally and keep your aura clear and sparkling.  It often gets clogged and dense and dirty when we go through trauma or pain or anger or any of the other myriad “negative” emotions and stuff them down inside rather than expressing them.  This is especially true if there’s been early childhood abuse or trauma; that energetic pain stays inside us, turning into blockages that later inhibit our wellbeing, our health and our spiritual growth.  Add onto that the normal day-to-day frustrations and stress, especially if we are in a job we don’t like, a relationship that is no longer supportive and life-affirming, or similar difficulties, and it doesn’t take long for our energy fields to become blocked or torn, ineffective and weak… By then we’ve manifested the deficiency in our physical body, with illnesses or some kind of physical or emotional trauma.
When you introduce Marna’s special high frequencies into your daily regimen, you are greatly easing your body and your being, your life and your living.  Every time you give yourself the opportunity to receive these energies, whether through a session with Marna, a short meditation with one of her energy tools, or a quick spray of her Cosma Creations Energy Essences™ as you wait at a stoplight in your car, you are releasing dense, stuck energy or density within and around you, you are relieving your stress level, and you are creating space and movement in your aura and chakras… movement that will continue to ease stress levels and create space to release what no longer serves you.
How long are the sessions?
The length of the session is up to you.  If you let Nature take its course, then Marna will align with your Higher Self and will work with you until the session is finished, which is never more than an hour.  For people new to energy work, the shorter sessions are much more common, and are preferred.  If you have a particular issue you want to change, then several short sessions are best (e.g. four 30-minute sessions, three to four days apart).  For simple energy enhancement in the chakras and aura, one 20-30 minute session will accomplish miracles.
Session Pricing schedule:
$30 for 20 minutes.
$40 for 30 minute session
$75 for an hour.
A prepaid series of four 30-minutes sessions is $135.00 instead of $160.00.  Please note that a sliding scale is available for those in the midst of financial difficulties.


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