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Early Morning Magic

God, how I love my early mornings!  Here it is, 5:00 a.m. and the house is quiet; Sophie, the best dog in the world, is asleep on my bed.  Pandora in my ears is playing just the right mix on my Jim Brickman station (to which I added the artist Spencer Lewis) and it’s just the right music in my ears.
This is the time when I know the day lies before me in all its potentiality, glistening with magic and anticipation.  I can just about taste it on my tongue.  I hold a crystal and program for my day to be filled with Love, Peace, Prosperity and Joy.  I see these energies flowing through the day ahead of me, fueling every thought, word and deed I produce.
I use this time for personal reflection. Today, I’m thinking about a remote healing session I did yesterday with a new client.  She was 5 days into a post-surgical recovery period, the right shoulder being the culprit.  Well, this session turned out so wonderfully, it just made my whole day.  By the time we were done, a half hour later, most of the pain in the shoulder was simply gone!  Moreover, the nerve issue in the left leg was improved—she felt warmth and feeling there, which isn’t always the case.
Her heart chakra was more open and expanded—we had worked on that as well.  I was so happy with the results, because this session was an experiment.  I have a particular technique that I use on traumatic injuries that is radically successful in bringing relief from pain and swelling, and accelerating the healing process.  But I had never done this technique remotely before.  As in, long distance. 
I don’t have a place to do healing work right now, so I’ve been working through phone sessions.  I have found it to be a spectacularly successful practice.  After all, there is no time or space, really—so it’s just like doing it in their presence.  Because I am!  In fact, the physical can be a distraction, I’ve found, so I’ve grown to prefer remote sessions.
As I said, I had never done my special technique for traumatic injuries in a remote session before, so I had no idea how it would work, or even how to do it, really.  But I just plunged in, started on the heart chakra (because this person had never had any energy work done before) then proceeded to the shoulder, and magic happened!  I love it when that happens. 

Here’s to magic in your day!

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