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Where Are You On Your Path, Right Now?

I feel it is of utmost importance that those of us on the Path, right now, really make an even more concerted effort to be Mindful of Self, to adhere to a strict code--your own version of the Golden Rule.  The way the energies are shifting out there, the way and extent to which what we call Reality is being modified, molded right before our eyes, is unparalleled.  Staying centered and having a day full of purposeful intention, joy, love, peace and healing, and interesting and fulfilling connections with every sentient being you cross paths with, is perhaps a tall order, but it a wise goal.

It's all in your head.  This is not PC to say, but we are in charge of how we feel.  We are unwittingly giving our power away to external forces, and it's time to reclaim it.

Be aware.  Be vigilant.  Read between the lines and pull back the Curtain.  It is really important to have your awareness and senses honed and keep your energy running clean. 

 If you need ideas on how to do that, my Cosma Creations energy essences are a great way, as are my Jewel Tools, and other energy devices.  Obviously, there are a lot of folks producing great methods of refining and expanding our energy fields.  I may as well promote mine, though, since no one else is, and it's something I do well that is unique--no one else does it this way, and my energies are very strong and powerful.  

Which brings us back to Intention.  Keep it pure, clean and strong.  In doing so, you'll be a Light for others who are having a harder time, fighting the Density a little harder.  Service to Others is a good path, and it is significant even when done small scale.  You don't have to be a doctor in a war zone to be of Service.  Make the check-out clerk smile at the market and you're being Of Service.  Pick up the litter in front of your house, and you're being Of Service.  Take your elderly neighbor a lunch one day and visit for an hour, and that is a huge wonderful expression of Love and Service to Others.

Thanks for reading, thanks for signing up for this.  Keep your heart shining!

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