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Finding the Zone Method in 2015

Archiving this now, originally posted on Home page in April 2015.

I've recently been introduced to
the Zone Method... It felt like a visit to 5D!

My connection to this experience is divinely scripted--I had used Abraham's Placemat Process (see a few weeks ago, and asked the Universe (I just have to push that envelope of personal expansion) to show me how to Love myself (My Self) and to help me know what I need to know, see what I need to see, to move through and past my limitations, my blocks.  I have a good feeling about this year, and I don't want my personal baggage to stop me anymore!  

Well, in answer to that request, I got an email from my friend Erica Rock.  Erica had been guided to send me notice of an upcoming call she was leading on a new modality of attaining ... how to describe it? Deeper consciousness.  No, Deeper Consciousness with an upper case C.

Anyway, I jumped right in.  Late.  I actually called in a half hour late--can you imagine?  Alarm didn't work.  There was dead silence on the line when I got through, and realized they were in the middle of the experience.  So I asked my Higher Self (from now on known as Inner Self, or True Self) to "take me where Erica is."

Right away I felt a wondrous force centering me, gathering me and expanding me at the same time.  I felt more grounded and connected, yet expanded, in a very tangible way.  It was marvelous!  It felt like my Awareness level jumped right off the scale.  My sphere of awareness blew up to include the cosmos.  I had attained similar states before, but always after deeply meditating for at least a half hour, or having a particularly significant spiritual experience.  This was instantaneous.

I recognized right away this was something new.  I started meditating at age six and have checked out just about every form of healing and meditation that has passed through the past 45 years.  I did yoga and meditated for years as a child and teenager, and an adult.  I learned how to work with crystals and minerals in the 80s.  I studied with a magician/healer with his own energy system in the 90s.  I had psychic surgery back when Llynne Lysanti ran What An Interesting Bookstore at 22 Church Street and brought a Phillipino psychic surgeon to Burlington.  I experienced Reiki and Deeksha, which are great introductions to start working with energy in the more subtle aspects. I brought forth my own energy system, channeling many different frequencies from the angelic realm, which I then turned into my five lines of energy essences under the Cosma Creations brand.  I had my mind blown when the being known as Universal Light found in the work of Machaelle Small Wright (Perelandra) "knocked" on my door to start working with me, while reading her book The Mount Shasta Mission.  I've been on this path for a long time and tried everything!  And I say this only as context for what follows:

What I experienced with Erica was something new.  Even though I got on the conference call late, is was wonderful.  She had another call the next week and I took notes this time.  During the first segment of quiet, I noticed that I was aware of the consciousness of the air around me.  I know we all (on the spiritual path) know intellectually that Divine Intelligence is All That Is and is Everywhere.  But this was the first time I actually smelled it, tasted it, in the air around me.

Then Erica closed that 3-4 minute segment, spoke for a minute, then took us deeper.  That time what was happening felt Bigger, more Flow-y.  (Is that a word?)  Everything felt, and seemed so bright and clear (we do this with open eyes).  I could feel it in my body, almost like a pressure inwards, of movement, of consciousness.

When Erica started the 3rd segment, I felt a sense of Joy rise within and around me, unbidden.  Not joy about anything, just Joy of its own.  I felt exhilarated, effervescent.  After a bit I felt it deepening into something more ecstatic and grounded.  My body was almost buzzing--my body had stopped 
being a boundary.

Tuesday night, April 7th, is the next call, and it's open to everyone.  This is a very special opportunity and I think it provides what many people on the Path are seeking... Connection; Inner Knowing; Alignment with Highest Path, Power and Purpose, the latter being one of my longest-held goals.

The call goes from 6:30 - 7:30.  Call in around 6:20 if possible for personal introductions.  The number to call is (605) 562-3140, then enter code 682827#.  I am happy to hang around on the call afterwards if anyone wants to talk about it.

Erica told me after the first call that she never puts out individual notices or emails to folks about her calls, she just puts out a broadcast and figures the people who are supposed to will show up.  But she was suddenly guided to send me a message about it! Well, I did ask the Universe to show me what I needed to see, what I needed to know, to heal.  And here we are.

Perhaps you've been asking for something similar yourself?  These are wondrous days of transition, of powerful forces moving ... I believe it makes sense to use these energies with intent, to help us move in the direction we choose, rather than being buffeted about like a dry leaf on the wind.  Many of us move through our days by default, subject to the externals, rather than charting a course with intention and alignment.

I wish you a blessed day, and I invite you to join me and Erica for a wonderful time next Tuesday, in The Zone.

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