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Happy my birthday!

I love November!  
It has Thanksgiving, for one, which has always been my favorite holiday, I think because it was always a big family reunion.  That's where the whole concept of "family" was writ large, played out in grand style.  And, it's my birthday, so of course I love it.  It's the energy of the season that I love too, though; the slowing down, the quieting of the external and chance to be more centered and self-reflected, and sort and gather one's energy, one's senses and sensibilities.  I appreciated so much the riotous growth and fecundity exhibited against the green and blue backdrop of Vermont summers.  I loved the generative force in my garden that gave me such yummy tomatoes, eggplant, beets and peppers, cabbage and carrots. I love the bees and their ordered gathering of the nectar, blessing every blossom with their touch. 
And I love how that energy culminates in the explosion of colors in the trees and plants that carpet Vermont. This was a gorgeous fall with spectacular foliage that lasted weeks and weeks, it seemed to me.  But now the leaves are mostly shed, the winds are blustering and howling--I LOVE IT!--and there're more clouds than sunshine most days. The season changes, and I like to remember that, in response, we change too.  As part of this world, we have to.  I sometimes need to remember to be conscious about the change of seasons; the one out there and the one inside me.  
So, I say, allow yourself a little quietude.  Take a moment to just stop, breathe, take a look around you and notice ... where you are, who you are, what you're doing, why you're doing it, and what and who really matters.  The season is slowing and going inward, there's a cue to how to be in that flow with our world. It's so much easier to go with the flow; indeed, that's the only way to go.
Happy my birthday!

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