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Robin Williams crossed over last night, and what a welcome he had!

August 12, 2014
Robin Williams died yesterday.  I am still in shock.  I did a meditation at 10 pm last night about it, and had offered others (through FB) to tune in with me.  It was beautiful, and pretty profound.

Big Smoke, a 26# pale smoky sphere who participates in magic with me!I was sitting up, a small rose quartz sphere in my left hand, and my Love wand in my right.  My Big Smoke was in front of me.  I channeled first Clearing through Big Smoke.  I visualized Robin in front of me, receiving the clearing energy.   I worked with that for quite a while.  Then I held the wand up in front of me and cleared his whole aura with it.  The whole time I was doing that I was repeating the Ho’Oponopono: Dear Robin, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. I did this for a while.

By then, his presence was getting stronger.  I knew he was near.  I started sensing his energy.  I could feel his confusion at what he’d done and the realization of it when he got to the other side.  I then switched to sending him Love.  I offered my Unconditional Love energy, and I saw him getting this huge A Ha! moment as he turned and looked back at Earth and his life, and realized just how beautiful this life was.  And he realized that, if he’d only understood things a little bit more, he would have known how to handle it.  Because it really is what we make it.  It’s just that we can’t remember that through the Veil of Forgetting when we come in.

So there he was, realizing what he’d done, and then, seeing his welcoming committee.  More and more souls were holding the Light for him, there as well as here.  And many of us were asking that he be released from the trauma of his transition, and the guilt of it.  Forgiveness felt like a flood of Love washing over him--and all of us tuned in.  It really felt like, in the Forgiving, much of the karmic burden of suicide was lifted from him.  Because of the extraordinary reality of these times, the Ascension process we are living through, the normal rules don’t apply.  His Atonement will be much easier and faster.

After a while I added Healing to the Love frequency I was channeling--their symbols are a perfect match.  And it was joyous to watch him rather reveling in it.  It was a very profound experience for me.  News of his death hit me like a ton of bricks.  This helped a lot.
I used to watch him, listen to him in interviews, and I knew he was not from this planet.  I knew he had it hard here, finding “Home” here.  And I wondered how he made it work.  It occurred to me that, only through his vocation could he be here.  His work enabled him to channel all that amazing energy that he is, in safe ways.  He could be anybody and do anything in the roles he chose, and express himself beyond the “normal” spectrum of proprieties and mores of this time and place.  I think that was what made it okay to stay as long as he did.

Anyway, it felt amazing, participating in that energy experience with dear Robin and everyone else who was praying and healing and loving him, from both sides.  What a welcome he had.  I can only imagine what magic he’ll play with now, without the pain and fetters of 3D life to contain him.  God Bless and happy trails, Robin.  I love you still.

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