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The Summer Solstice is Almost Upon Us!

Have you been enjoying the longer days?  Isn't it grand, staying light out so late?  Well, enjoy it now, because in less than a fortnight the nights will start gaining.  It's hard to believe, for me, because the winter seemed interminable.  Can spring really have flown by so fast?  Indeed ...
I've been enjoying a phase of release and discharge of the unwanted/unneeded in my life.  Starting with my house.  Boy, does that feel good!  I'm reminded of that story I read where the author, a woman, had been to a very profound lecture or workshop by a leading personage in the field.  Afterward, she asked him how she could cure her asthma.  "Drink more water, and clean your house." was his very brief response.  Two focal points for me right now.   The deep-cleaning hasn't been done in a while, to be honest.  So, I welcome the chance to slough off the no-longer-useful.

Of course, as I dig, treasures emerge--long-forgotten photographs, cards from loved ones in ages past.  I inevitably succumb to the mental side-trip as nostalgia sweeps me away, while sneezing in the dust of disturbed papers, pulled out of open boxes.

And on the outside, there are beautiful flowers to encourage the new growth and emergence.  The greens and blues of Vermont springs and summers are breathtaking, and just a joy to behold.  It all rather makes one grateful to be able to call this place home.

So, enjoy your summer, which hits on June 21st at 6:51 a.m., and enjoy the Light while it lasts!

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