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How Have You Fared the 2013-2014 Transition?

I have found it rather difficult, myself.

Relationships seem to be one of the prominent themes, both to Self and to others.  And to Body.  I have found myself wishing things could be just a little bit easier.

When I take the time to stop, however, and slow down for a gosh-darn minute and take a few deep breaths, things stop spinning and I have, finally, better focus and the Way becomes much clearer.  I mean, ReallY!

I am also embracing Health, in a renewed sense, in my body and my being; keeping those foods I'm allergic to out of my diet and drinking more water.  I stocked up my bulk herb cupboard and am enjoying wonderful rich teas made with the delicious spring water I must drive an hour away to procure, up in the mountains.  I have found the sweet spot in my Kombucha rhythm--decanting on the 8th day gives me just the balance I love in the tartness and fizz.

I brew a large pot of Chaga this morning, another brilliant creation of Nature that restores and nurtures the human body so beautifully.  I'm juicing awesome Vermont veggies and relishing the goodness as I drink it. 

My yoga mat is seeing action every day.  That is a huge improvement, and is really paying off.  I feel so much the better for it.

Self care--another prominent theme these days.  And I'm doing much better at it than I was.  I can see, feel and know the results of it, too.  So I offer up a suggestion to all, to tune in, inside.  How can you give yourself a little extra care, in ways that you'll benefit from the most?

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