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How's Your Ascension Progressing?

My spiritual development has jumped a few gears lately.  It's been amazing and wonderful receiving all the new insights, Awareness, and power now available to me that I had previously been disallowing.  The cosmic energies blowing through the solar system have accelerated things for all of us.  Here is what Heather Carlini has to say about it (

"The incoming energies are higher frequency vibrations than we have experienced in the past, so they bring up the lower vibrations (stored cellular memories) to the surface and we release them through emotion.  (Free therapy)  These cellular memories include past lives, ancestral history and this lifetime. The timelines are converging. Our memories have a magnetic component to them and these flares are disrupting the Schumann Resonance on the Earth that works with the magnetics in our brain.... thus forgetfulness and time distortion occur.

When you know what is happening, it is easier to work with these energies rather than against them with constriction, as this causes energy blockages in the body that are felt as pain.

Wayne Dyer once said: 'When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.' Hang in there folks. This too shall pass."

It has been my observation that most folks who are Awake and Aware are feeling similar things; there's some part of their lives that's really challenging, and yet many other aspects of life and living are filled with magic and really good, juicy stuff!  Embrace the good, whenever you can.  And the challenges?  Well, really stay present with them, for one. Really pay attention to your reactions and responses to them. Keep watch, so your emotions stay even, refrain from taking things personally and as much as possible see things through your Higher Self's eyes.  That's that divine connection that is soooo useful and helpful at these times.

I just said to my spiritual teacher last night, it is such a powerful time to be on the planet.  The possibilities for making big magic on Earth are limitless.  And the Powers that Were are taking every opportunity to create more mayhem, more polarity, more fear and weakness. It is my wish that we don't succumb to the density that is so present now; rather that we lighten up and allow the Light of Change and Shift to clear the cobwebs and energize our feet to recognize the Right Path when we see it.



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