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Welcoming Shifts and Allowing Change; it's Spring!

OK, we've had a month now to get into Spring's groove.  How is it working for you?  Are the Spring breezes blowing freshness and space into your life?  Are you cleaning and clearing, making room for new energies?

If so, great job.  You're in alignment with the energy of Spring.  Or are you feeling stuck, being in resistance, clinging to old patterns?  Uh oh--watch out.  You're setting yourself up for a kick in the pants!

What will it take for you to relax and let go, to surrender perceived control and allow the Breath of Life, the Pulse of the Galaxy, to enervate and realign your life and your Being?  Or take a tip from this whimsical sculpture I saw on a lawn in Keene, NH this week, and get a new perspective!  Sometimes you just have to see things from a different angle.

Try this:  Look around your house and notice, where you (maybe very subtlely) flinch, where you avoid seeing/noticing ... a ha!  That's a spot where change is needed!  Grab a broom, a sponge, a shovel, whatever works, and clear it out.  Look at your life and do the same thing--where is it stuck?  Where does it need a new perspective?  Look at it from another angle and allow the winds of Spring and change to refresh and renew what is stuck and old.  And give yourself a big hug when you do. 

Sometimes change isn't easy--sometimes just seeing ourselves how we are, admitting where we could use a shift, is hard enough.  Congratulations!  Give yourself a reward and reaffirm your intent to align with the newness of your life, your being, your expansion and growth, in 2013.

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