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Voting Day in the US of A... what are you going to do about it?

Today is Voting Day in America.  I know we will all be grateful to have it all go away--the ads, the pressure, the nonsense, the constant need to put our waders on...  Ye gads, what a production.  If it mattered, if our choice actually counted, that'd be one thing, but I for one believe that our leaders have been selected for years now. 

Be that as it may, a good friend pointed out on FB today that, guess what, even if it's all a sham and the president is chosen by the Powers That Be regardless of the votes, our Will does count.  Our collective intention, as an energy force, does count.  He says:

" ... The thought-form that is made up of our collective Will and Intention manifests in the country and in the world. So, what is it we Will? What is it we choose to life for, live by, live with? What do we intend to manifest for ourselves, and as our identity, via this Election? ...""

Food for thought, for sure.  I am going to vote, because I agree with him.  I don't think it matters in terms of who wins, but it matters to me that I claim my vote, I put out my intention in this formal way, to the universe.  I want to at least manifest the choosing of my intention, whether that intention itself comes to fruition.

So, what is your choice, what is your intention, as this day passes?  Be careful what you ask for ... you just might get it!

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