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Are you giving yourself All of You?

I hope everyone else is expanding into Life and Presence as much as I am.  Wow.  How Life is giving, and giving, have you noticed?  In many ways, in many different aspects and dimensions of life, it is so giving!

The Earth, Gaia herself, is so generous.  I've really been taking time to work with my crystals and stones every day, and every time, I am so renewed.  Gaia gives us these gifts from the mineral kingdom, and they are such powerful friends, and tools, and yet, so few people receive and enjoy these gifts.

Life is giving us both nourishing and testing experiences, and our days are rife with opportunities to grow, to ease into an expanded experience of ourselves, our nature, our limitations...  But are we really receiving these with consciousness? or, are we reacting in 3rd density programmed-human limitation--with road rage instead of a blessing, or contracting/controlling behavior on our family members rather than bemused acceptance, for instance.  It sure is an intense time to be on the planet.  And I really hope you're  staying with the experience, and being present with it, because boy, it flows a lot more smoothly.  And then you're there for all of it.  And then you can receive more--more of your Self.  How awesome would that be?  :-)

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