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2012 and all it entails

Voting Day in the US of A... what are you going to do about it?

Today is Voting Day in America.  I know we will all be grateful to have it all go away--the ads, the pressure, the nonsense, the constant need to put our waders on...  Ye gads, what a production.  If it mattered, if our choice actually counted, that'd be one thing, but I for one believe that our leaders have beenselectedfor years now. 

Be that as it may, a good friend pointed out on FB today that, guess what, even if it's all a sham and the president is chosen by the Powers That Be regardless of the votes, our Will does count.

Are you giving yourself All of You?

I hope everyone else is expanding into Life and Presence as much as I am.  Wow.  How Life is giving, and giving, have you noticed?  In many ways, in many different aspects and dimensions of life, it is so giving!

The Earth, Gaia herself, is so generous.  I've really been taking time to work with my crystals and stones every day, and every time, I am so renewed.  Gaia gives us these gifts from the mineral kingdom, and they are such powerful friends, and tools, and yet, so few people receive and enjoy these gifts.

How can we utilize the energies of 2012 for our benefit?

My goal for 2012 has been to help folks align with the energies coming into our solar system from the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy and thereby be more able to utilize them, harness them.

Rather than stumble through 2012 blindly, being buffeted about by default, I'd rather meet and greet this Superwave  (, get acquainted with it, and learn its ways, so it can boost my expansion, my personal growth, my spiritual awareness, instead of be knocked sideways or worse, unconscious.

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