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How's Your Ascension Progressing?

My spiritual development has jumped a few gears lately.  It's been amazing and wonderful receiving all the new insights, Awareness, and power now available to me that I had previously been disallowing.  The cosmic energies blowing through the solar system have accelerated things for all of us.  Here is what Heather Carlini has to say about it (

"The incoming energies are higher frequency vibrations than we have experienced in the past, so they bring up the lower vibrations (stored cellular memories) to the surface and we release them through emotion.

Spring is here! Hail and Welcome Spring!

The colors of spring are like vitamins to the soul ... after the cool whites, greys, blacks and blues of winter's landscapes, the blooming spring colors are a riot of expression, or newness, of birth and renewal.  Walking yesterday at the lakeshore in Shelburne, I reveled in a tapestry of new color, hitting me like a rainbow, or a caffeine jolt of awakeness in the morning.  Just beautiful.  Every day I am so grateful to live in the exquisite beauty that is Vermont.

These locust trees have the coolest shapes in the winter, black and gnarled, almost arthritic in their climb to the sky.

Welcoming Shifts and Allowing Change; it's Spring!

OK, we've had a month now to get into Spring's groove.  How is it working for you?  Are the Spring breezes blowing freshness and space into your life?  Are you cleaning and clearing, making room for new energies?

If so, great job.  You're in alignment with the energy of Spring.  Or are you feeling stuck, being in resistance, clinging to old patterns?  Uh oh--watch out.  You're setting yourself up for a kick in the pants!

What will it take for you to relax and let go, to surrender perceived control and allow the Breath of Life, the Pulse of the Galaxy, to enervate and realign your life and your Being?

Spring Equinox 2013 -- Celebrate Life!

Spring is almost here, and we in New England
are glad to see it come around.

I plan on welcoming it in witha lovely meditation at the Burlington Earth Clock, and you may join us around 6:00or so.  We'll gather at the Rainbow Institute for my regular weekly meditation at 5:30, Wednesday, March 20, but after our initial 3rd eye activation, we'll reconvene at the Earth Clock at 6:00.  And make some magic!

Spring is about rebirth and renewal.  Think about that for a moment.  What does it bring up in you?

What's the energy of your Code?

When you say what you mean and do what you say, you live your life by a certain moral code; a code of truth and purity and integrity, honesty.  That code forms the foundation that others will want to build a relationship with you on.

That's something I was pondering this morning as I was meditating, running various energy frequencies through me, via my Ascension 2012 Battery.  Got the chi flowing marvelously, and it inspired all kinds of interesting thoughts.  And I started thinking about the energy of one's thoughts, beliefs, patterns, etc.

Messages, Signs, Assistance, Support ...

I have been taking time to draw cards almost daily lately.  It's less than a fortnight till my birthday, and this is my attempt to slow things down, take more snapshots of each day, each event, each significant moment as 2012 winds down.

This morning the Empowerment Card I drew wasCreativity.  Second time in a week, in fact.  I've been paying attention.  Two new blog posts today (this is the 3rd), a couple new art pieces done and in the works in the last couple days ...

Voting Day in the US of A... what are you going to do about it?

Today is Voting Day in America.  I know we will all be grateful to have it all go away--the ads, the pressure, the nonsense, the constant need to put our waders on...  Ye gads, what a production.  If it mattered, if our choice actually counted, that'd be one thing, but I for one believe that our leaders have beenselectedfor years now. 

Be that as it may, a good friend pointed out on FB today that, guess what, even if it's all a sham and the president is chosen by the Powers That Be regardless of the votes, our Will does count.

What helps you stay balanced every day?

Today's Cosma Creations essences for optimum balance, determined through pendulum dowsing:

Blue Tourmaline
3rd Chakra Blend...

What's helping you stay balanced today to better navigate your activities, your tasks, your intent and your optimum well-being and joy?

Are you giving yourself All of You?

I hope everyone else is expanding into Life and Presence as much as I am.  Wow.  How Life is giving, and giving, have you noticed?  In many ways, in many different aspects and dimensions of life, it is so giving!

The Earth, Gaia herself, is so generous.  I've really been taking time to work with my crystals and stones every day, and every time, I am so renewed.  Gaia gives us these gifts from the mineral kingdom, and they are such powerful friends, and tools, and yet, so few people receive and enjoy these gifts.

How can we utilize the energies of 2012 for our benefit?

My goal for 2012 has been to help folks align with the energies coming into our solar system from the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy and thereby be more able to utilize them, harness them.

Rather than stumble through 2012 blindly, being buffeted about by default, I'd rather meet and greet this Superwave  (, get acquainted with it, and learn its ways, so it can boost my expansion, my personal growth, my spiritual awareness, instead of be knocked sideways or worse, unconscious.

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