Marna's Healing Arts -             ~ Lifetimes of Wisdom ~
My friends call me the Crystal Goddess, because ... well, I have a lot of crystals, and I use them for many things, and ... some of my best friends are rocks!  I get asked a lot of questions about them, and here you'll find what's worked for me, so far.

You can Program Crystals to …
-  enhance your vitamins, supple- ments and prescriptions to receive only the beneficial aspects of what they contain…
-  enhance your shampoo, condi- tioner & body wash/shower gel
-   advance your personal well-being and health
-   advance your personal goals
-   emit certain frequencies (Clearing or Healing, for example)
-   program them for anti-aging and put in your face cream & skin care jars
-   keep in your pack of cigarettes to raise the frequency of the cigarette and what you imbibe from them
-   protect your home, car, boat
-   enhance your energy field while walking
Find out how to do all these and more at Marna's classes, courses, or in a personal consult!

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