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Testimonials & Client Comments

I was introduced to Marna via a mutual acquaintance and had the distinct feeling that I needed to do some work with her - I had NO idea what that would/should be! I settled on a Chakra Clearing Session. I already felt like I was running full speed ahead on a major spiritual/emotional/mental shift, but the session with Marna kicked that into Mach 10 speed. Such a compassionate, sweet, lovely person - I will be working with her for a long time to come.  MG, VT

Marna is an amazingly gifted healer. Her ability to channel healing energies is one of the most profound I have ever encountered. Not only have I felt this for myself, but I have literally seen physical changes in people within a few minutes’ time.  I once watched her do a healing on someone  whose face was completely swollen from a wasp sting reaction—many of them.  Marna worked on him for 15 minutes, and the swelling went down fifty percent in that time.  He was able to open his eye again thanks to Marna's work.  Marna is  adept at her subconscious releasing as well, and I have experienced profound shifts in every Subconscious Reset session I have done with her. I can't recommend her work highly enough.

I consulted Marna several times while I was writing my Masters thesis.  The scope of my project was intimidating, and Marna’s Subconscious Reset technique cleared away a lot of the blocks that were keeping me from the clarity and passion I wanted to bring to my work.  I’m proud to say that I was even able to present it free of my usual fear of public speaking!    V.T.  Shelburne, VT

I am so glad I met Marna my experience with her Holistic Health knowledge has been just faboulous can't say enough good about her !!!  L.T.  Panton

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