Marna's Healing Arts -             ~ Lifetimes of Wisdom ~

A session with me is held in a Zoom room, or skype or phone.  The physical is just a distraction, so when we eliminate it, all that's left is the energy, which is where we're working.  

The first session is the longest ... Living in this 3rd dimension, our energy bodies become dense or blocked, so it takes the angelic and elemental frequencies I channel a little longer to penetrate and open up your aura and chakras. 

Subsequent sessions move faster, get more done with less time as the chakras and aura get lighter and brighter, and the weight of the blocks is released.  The effects can include feelings of peace, elation, lightness, tingling or warmth, energy moving where it didn't before ... pure unbridled joy & bliss!

In these trying times, we are processing our stuff faster, and these angelic energies, when used regularly, can really accelerate the release of the old stuff up and out of the energy bodies so it doesn't weigh you down and hang around as you release it.

If you're new to my work, the best way to start is with a 4-session package, which will  be a profound asset to your life and your living, your body and your being.  If you like, you can then use these energies yourself in the form of my Cosma Creations energy essences, or any of my super energy tools: the crystal wands, the Jewel Tools, the energy batteries, etc., to continue the clearing and healing of your energy systems as We, humanity, collectively go through this ascension process.  This work really lightens things up!


New!  Now Available for serious students of the cosmic realms:  
Cosmic Activations of Marna's
Powerful Angelic Energies!

I have been channeling angelic and devic frequencies for years.  I have only in a few rare instances been guided to "activate" anyone else with my powerful frequencies.  My son, for example, when he got his driver's license.  I activated him with my Protection frequency, so he could channel it when he was driving.  It has served him well.

But Spirit is letting me know that it is time for these energies to serve a wider audience.  Reiki came out years ago, and many healers use it for their clients, with great results.   Now, it's 2018, and the energies flowing through the cosmos are not trivial.  I am sure that now many folks in the healing traditions are ready for stronger tools.   I am now offering activations for the following frequencies:  Clearing, Healing, Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance

This activation process is most appropriate for dedicated spiritual healers and lightworkers, as well as for enhancing and accelerating your own personal spiritual journey; they are extremely strong, beautiful energies that will really enhance your life and your work.  

The cost for a single activation is $300.  The Clearing and Healing energies, being really the basic foundational energies of my work, are offered as a package for $500, which includes hours of training with specific techniques.

So, if your spiritual practice is holding space for new growth, and you are ready for an upgrade, consider a cosmic activation/application of my angelic frequencies.  These tools, if you use them, will enhance your life and your relationships in many ways, with far reaching results!

Call me at 802 - 238 - 7908 to schedule an activation appointment, or to learn more.

  Are you throwing  a birthday party or hosting another type of event?  You can hire me to come and offer a few simple but profound energy experiences that people will enjoy, feel great from in only 10 minutes, and will add a nice energy to the event.  Or I could do a guided crystal meditation for your guests for 20 minutes.  Or, Invite your A unique twist to the everyday party.  Be different!  Give your people something special.
Contact me for details!

Have you heard of
Bee Venom Therapy
AKA Apitherapy?

Honeybee venom is used to bring relief from pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. 

Marna was schooled in this therapy as a matter of growing up the daughter of Charles Mraz, famed beekeeper and apitherapist.  She offers beestings for your joint pain in good weather, when honeybees are available.  Whether you want one sting on your tennis elbow, or a dozen to combat the pain from chronic issues, Marna offers this service as a tribute to her father's work, and people in pain everywhere.  (Availability limited in winter, subject to temps.)

She uses ice to numb the area before stinging, and in most cases you don't feel the sting much.  Bee venom stimulates the immune system, increases circulation, and helps you to feel more energized, as well as relieving many kinds of pain.  Call Marna for more details, or see the following websites:

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