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Update 4/23/15:  As I have been learning more about this new methodology and experiencing its effects, I am even more convinced of its value, its authenticity and its role in these changing times.
We rescheduled the 2-day Zone Method training for May 2 & 3, and we have a couple of spots available for that person who is really ready--no shit--to move on, move through, to who you really are.  No hype, no bullshit, no kidding.  I'm so thrilled with what's been happening on our free calls with Erica, I can feel the energy building for this event.  The amount of energy I am able to run through my body is pretty intense.  Well, imagine a group of us spending hours at a very high frequency, with focused intent for good purpose.  Wow.  We are going to be energizing the whole state of Vermont, and the lake.  If you want to get in on something very powerful, and take your personal advancement to a very, very new place, then run, don't walk, to email Erica and sign up for this training!

I've decided to combat the cold with a really fun workshop this Saturday, February 28th.
Help me get over my resistance to success and have a really fun time with some kindred spirits at 10:00 a.m. at the 
Rainbow Institute in Burlington for:
Make Your Own Crystal Wand!
workshop by Marna Ehrech 
I will provide the copper rod, the leather for wrapping, the crystals and instructions!  You bring your curiosity, your passion for co-creation, and desire to learn.  Also a pair of sturdy shears wouldn't be a bad idea, but not necessary.  
All this for $55.  Pay with cash, check or PayPal.

Register by email:
OR on this FaceBook event:

Hear the story of how I stopped a speeding truck and prevented a terrible accident with a crystal wand.  These are powerful tools, and you can have one of your very own making!  Two follow-up classes will instruct you in the myriad ways to use them!

Spring 2014
I just had my first participation in an art fair, with a booth selling my artwork.  I have done shows before, for many years, but always selling my essences, crystals, etc.; the metaphysical side of things.  It was fun to display my art and figure out how to display my items.  It was outside and for the most part, the weather cooperated.  There was a deluge that indeed rained on my original (framed) art, but somehow it survived unscathed.  I will soon have pix of the art for sale in the form of notecards, framed originals, etc.  Stay tuned!  And get ready to celebrate the summer solstice, not too far away.  But enjoy every day in the meantime.  This is Vermont in the summer, and it doesn't get any better than this!

Lisa Desmond at All Souls asked me to lead some meditations there, so we thought we would start with this wonderful, heart-centered chakra energy-healing meditation.  
We don't realize it, but the self-judgment we hold onto is very disruptive and damaging to the heart chakra.  This session will provide beautiful energy tools to clear and balance our overworked and under-nourished energy center!  
Please join us tonight at All Souls at 6:30 for this hour long session.  If you like, come early and take in the magnificent community art show hung on the walls at the other end of the building!

I will discuss and demonstrate the myriad ways I use crystals in my life.  If you have some, bring them, and we can talk about what you can do with your stone people.  Clearing, programming and healing will be discussed.

Workshop for Sexual Abuse Survivors
This workshop will hold space for a beautiful opening in your healing this issue, within the context of your relationship with your body, your self, your inner child and your Higher Self.  Many spiritual tools will be used to effect beautiful shifts into Awareness, Understanding, Forgiveness and Restoration, as well as clear the blocks we’ve been carrying ever since.   Groups like this can provide amazing healing experiences.  Marna uncovered her own childhood sexual abuse at age 33 when the memories came crashing back.  Her healing process was completely self-created; this is how her unique "Subconscious Reset" technique was developed.  No matter where you are in your healing your sexual abuse issues, or how long it's been, you will benefit from this workshop--it will be a beautiful gift to give your inner child.
Tea and beverages provided.  Bring notebook, wear comfortable clothes.  If you have any special stones you work with, you may bring them if you would like Marna to clear them for you and program them in the best way using angelic energies to assist in your healing process.  Some energized stones and essences will also be available for purchase.  More questions, email  2 1/2 hours
Crystal Wand-making Workshop

Crystal wands are very powerful tools.  In this workshop you will make your own wand out of copper pipe, leather and crystals.  Crystals and leather provided; choices limited to available stock.  You may bring your own as well.  Energy workers and healers will immediately be astounded at the energy produced by these very special tools.  Beginners will learn quickly.  Always watch what you say and think when you’re holding them!  Marna once brought a truck to a screeching halt and prevented a traffic accident with one of these.  Afterwards, we will learn techniques for clearing and healing people, places and things, energy transmission and manifestation.  And then let’s go to the Earth Clock and use our new wands for some Summer Solstice energy work!
Tea and beverages provided.  Wear comfortable clothes you won’t mind getting glue on.  If you bring your own crystal, Marna will help you clear it and program it using angelic energies for your optimum benefit. 
To register email  3 hours 

On Wednesday evening, December 19, 2012  is my usual Guided Meditation (5:30 - 7 normally).  But this Wednesday we're adding two wonderful video viewings.  All interested folks are welcome, pass the word.
The first is only eight minutes long, but fascinating. 
Wendy Kennedy channels the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective in response to the question: What Will Happen On Dec. 21, 2012?  We'll watch that right at 5:30, so be on time.  I saw this last night, and it offered some viewpoints and insight I hadn't heard elsewhere about what your experience of 12/21/2012 might be.

We will hold our meditation, and then settle in for another brilliant video, part of a lecture by Pane Andov which he did for Australia's Nexus Magazine at an event.  Pane Andov (.com) is Macedonian, and has lived a very unique life since is first visitation with off-worlders at age 7.  
He's been in contact with ET beings ever since, and have they been giving him an education!  He shares his knowledge with us, and also interprets certain crop circles, describing their meaning in regards to the energy and cosmological events of 12/21/2012.  It's good, juicy stuff.  I've watched it once, and a couple friends and I decided it'd be great to watch it together and discuss it.  Join us!  It's an hour or so in length.  We'll start that after our meditation, about 6:45 - 7:00.  We can have fun with it, have snacks, beverages, and a great chat after.

A Cosmic Evening with Universal Light: 
Alignment and Activation Workshop 
Join us!  
What if you could just flick a switch and feel better—a lot better?  What if you could learn a technique that, in just a few moments, could improve your world, your energy, your feeling, your perspective, even your life?

In the 21 century, we don’t have the luxury of time—we can’t devote years to a master when children, jobs and mortgages take priority.  You can still enjoy the fruits of spiritual attainment, however.  Receiving an energetic Attunement (you’ve heard of Reiki?) or Activation is an incredible asset to your spiritual toolbox. 

To register, please email, or for more information call Marna Ehrech at 802 – 238 - 7908. 
What:  Cosmic Activation Workshop with Universal Light, 7-9 PM
When:  TBD
How much:  $99 or $100*

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