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These are some of my favorite websites I'd like to direct your attention to:

My other blog:

David Wilcock's site (hint: he was once Edgar Cayce)

My friend Cathy is a great animal communicator:

If you are interested in visiting sacred sites in the UK, my friends Cameron and Glenn Broughton are the ones to take you there:

Barbara Evans is an incredible artist, and major mover/shaker of the 2012 Ascension season, in my humble opinion:

Shelburne Farms is a phenomenal entity in many ways.  If you visit Vermont, be sure to visit:

This delightful woman is a facilitator in Access Consciousness, and has had a huge impact on me and my fellow seekers:

Dr. Mariah McCain is a remarkable force in natural healing.  Plus, she fought the system, and held her ground:

Before I created my own energy essences, the Perelandra essences saved my life during a huge healing crisis:

The Toronto Dowsers are a great group of folks.  Their head honcho, my friend Marilyn Gang, is always putting on great events with superb speakers.  Even if you live elsewhere, the Toronto Dowsers Newsletter is worth the annual dues fee:

My dear friends Cynthia and Rio Pires of Thetford, Vermont, are healers par excellence!

David Brizendine is an amazing web guy and graphic designer and a great go-to guy for Mac help:

Christy Johnson does amazing Akashic Record Readings--my reading was astonishing and on a high level.  I received great insight in it.  I recommend her!

Dana Mrkich is an Aussia Lightworker.  Love her blog.  She's deep:

Ken Robinson is a practitioner in the 30,000-year-old unbroken tradition of Ka Ta See (from Peru) and is bringing it to New England.  Stay tuned for upcoming events!:

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