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This weekend, Friday 9/30 through Sunday, 10/02/16, Michael Tellinger is in Bolton Valley, Vermont at the Lotus Lodge Inn.  Fantastic place, super event.  Come see me at my table at the arts & music fair on Sunday!  here's the link for info:


Michael Tellinger will speak at Burlington City Arts on Ubuntu Contributionism. Ubuntu is a strong, emergent New and Ancient Story converging as a new social structure for a new world offering a blueprint for human prosperity.  

UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM: where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills 
for the greater benefit of all in their community.

What: An Evening Workshop with Michael Tellinger 

Who:  Michael Tellinger, Founder of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement, author, researcher, musician

When:  Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.

Where:  Burlington City Arts / 135 Church Street / Burlington, 05401

Why:  To share the message of  Ubuntu and unite people across borders and cultural divides imposed on humanity. To raise consciousness and empower the people. To lay the foundation for communities of abundance and prosperity to proliferate throughout the United States and the world.
Ubuntu’s aim is to move from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greatest benefit of all in their community.

Suggested Donation $20

Feel free to pass this on to any interested friends.
See him 9/30 - 10/2 at the Lotus Lodge Inn in Bolton Valley:

Ubuntu USA website: usa.ubuntuplanet.orgUbuntu global website:

Michael Tellinger is a South African author, researcher, lecturer and musician, and someone I've known for quite a few years now. He's the real deal--a sincere, humble, brilliant, compassionate and dedicated leader of the Ubuntu movement.  I brought him to Shelburne to speak some time ago, and he got rave reviews.

He's here for a quick US tour, wrapping up speaking engagements in NY, NJ and Ohio last week, and coming to Vermont this week.  I am spreading the word, and thought you would enjoy hearing what he has to say.  

I actually flew to CO last fall to be in the studio audience of his Ubuntu series (8 episodes) on Gaia TV.  As a speaker, he's among the best--and I've heard a lot of speakers in my work over the years.  

I highly recommend this Tuesday evening talk, I'd love to see you there!  PLEASE pass this on to friends, and community forums if you can!

Great New Workshop coming in October!!

This 3-hour workshop introduces you to 2 very powerful energies—Clearing & Healing. Literally captured in a bottle, this Clearing energy acts like a psychic rain, washing away the grime and grit of the day, leaving you clean-slate clean! Healing, applied afterwards, provides powerful nourishment to the aura, chakras and energy bodies, through its restorative and regenerative forces.

Dr. Oz said on Oprah years ago, “Energy medicine is the wave of the future.” Well, that future is now. 

And these energies are available to you NOW! 
Including these energies in your spiritual regimen will add astonishing depth, expansion and growth to your practice. In these trying times, you could benefit so much from these angelic frequencies. Join us! Beginners through advanced spiritual seekers/questers welcome, and encouraged!

Fee of $55 includes the Cosma Creations Starter Kit: a 2 oz bottle of the Clearing essence and a 2 oz bottle of Healing essence. The class will demonstrate unlimited ways to use these essences to get rid of what no longer serves you, and to then fill the void with the regenerative, restorative powers of Healing!  Plants, people, animals, homes, land can all benefit, with astonishing results.

Location: Sacred Mountain Wellness
  215 College Street, 3rd Floor
   Date:  October 9, 2016 
Time:  10-1

Wednesday night energy healing meditations, 
6:30-8:00 at my home in Shelburne Village.

Come and sit by a warm fire, sip tea and spend a while with like-minded folks in quiet repose... using crystals and stones and energy essences, we soothe our chakras, ease and energize our aura, and generally just have a wonderful time!

Results include feelings of:
outrageous wellbeing!
heightened awareness
expansion and lightness throughout
complete BLISS!
and better internal alignment with your Self

Open to all, no experience necessary. Donations accepted.  Call 802dash238dash7908 if you have any questions.  You don't need to bring anything except a willingness to relax, and your water bottle.

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APRIL 11th & 12th, 2015
Shelburne, Vermont
10:00 - 4:30 both days

I, Marna, believe that the importance of this work cannot be overstated.  But, I am one of those people who sees what's going on in the 3D world we've created and knows change is needed.  And knows that we can do it, because we already are.

CHANGE is coming anyway--the Maya and every other ancient culture predicted it thousands of years ago.  The ascension process initiated by the cosmological alignments over the last several years is very real, and ascension is happening.  This work that Erica has brought forth (thank you, Erica!) is an important part of Team Earth's contribution to the Project Ascension, which involves a lot of other planets and peoples besides Earth.

As someone who has chosen to be of Service and to work for the betterment and expansion of Earth, and all that call her Home, I recognize those others who have made the same choice.  I find it fascinating to see what their offerings are to the Light of the planet; I feel like we are all bringing forth techniques, talents, skills and modalities that we used in Atlantis.  

I know my work and my energy products (Cosma Creations Energy Essences) bring a lot of Light and balance to the world; Barbara Evans and her Crystal Wings Healing Art is another whose work I feel is of great importance in Project Ascension.  There are many others, of course; but in my own sphere of awareness, the most recent one I've met is Erica Rock, and her work is fabulous.  It is exhilarating to be incarnated on Earth at this time, with all this amazing expansion going on!  

Erica's Zone Method is key--essential to helping birth the ascension of not only Earth but our entire solar system, which is our family, in truth.  We need to expand our definition of family to include our entire solar system, that's how BIG this whole thing is.  

It's about working with these cosmic energies of expansion, and utilizing them to bring alignment with being who we truly are (True Self), rather than by default living like the dish towel in the dryer, buffeted about by the cosmic whirlwind of ascension around us.  That's what the Zone Method does for you--takes you into 5D where these cosmic energies are coming from, and from there aligning with the life you truly want to live, is easy.

Having experienced, in Erica's free conference calls, the Zone myself, I know beyond a doubt that this is the next step for me.  I invite you to get on this Tuesday's call and see if you are ready for 5D now, so you can join us on the Leading Edge of Project Ascension.

If you go to Erica's website you'll notice a much different price on this training--$1285.00.  She is offering this Vermont weekend workshop to us at her original charge.  Take advantage of this if you can!

  Register with your payment of $344 at PayPal with

For a preview~
Check out the Zone on Erica's next free call 
on Tuesday, April 7th.
Call in number: (605) 562-3140  
then enter this code 682827#
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

"Day of Transformation" 
All Souls Interfaith Gathering
Bostwick Farm Road
Shelburne, Vermont
Sunday, September 21, 2014
3:30 - 7:30 pm

I will be set up with a table, and offering my essences and Healing Rainbow Window Crystals for sale, as well as demonstrating various spiritual healing tools and crystals.  I am giving a talk at 5:30.  Many other healing facilitators will be there, and free mini-sessions can be had from all of us, if you sign up early!  These popular folks will get booked up quickly, so come early.  Walk the grounds, enjoy the spectacular lake/Adirondack views, and lie on the grass, taking in the earth energy.  Walk the labyrinth in the woods, or bask in the Medicine Wheel.  All Souls is a beautiful resource for the community at large--take advantage of this lovely, annual event!

 Wednesday evening meditations have begun here in Shelburne.  Everyone who attends in September receives a beautiful stone collected by Marna from a special river in the hills, at the base of sacred Mt. Abraham here in Vermont.  It has been programmed with the energies of Body & Soul, Psychic vision, Divine Grace, Healing, Antista and Element M (for Magic).  Used daily on the chakras and in the aura--magic happens!  
If you want to have a great exchange of energy, ideas and camaraderie with kindred spirits, while you lighten your load and enlighten your being at the same time, this event is for you!

Past Events:

Mondays in March with Marna Manifestation Meditation at All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne    
 This series of four energy meditation experiences will set the stage for your life’s expression for the rest of this year.   What do you want to be, have, see and do in 2014?  How do you want to align your energy? This isn’t as difficult to answer as it may seem.  

Do you want to be more present in your every day interactions?  Do you want to have deeper connection with your partner, kids or friends?  Do you want to be a better team player and support in your work?  Do you need to expand creatively, and devote time to artistic endeavors to round out your life more?   

 Participants will learn simple techniques that will leave you feeling energized, clearer, with greater personal awareness and appreciation.  Over the four sessions you will create a game plan for grounding your goals in reality, and your own personal energetic expansion into the person who has already attained them.

     Participants will take away with them many tools that will prove invaluable in this changing world.  Each will receive a clear quartz crystal at the first meditation to use in programming your goals.  Instructor will provide many other energy tools for use during classtime, such as energy essences, crystal grids, wands, etc.   

 For beginners and advanced souls, this is not “meditation” in the usual sense.  Rather, a participatory guided energy experience, designed to help us achieve greater personal understanding, self-awareness and above all, self-acceptance and release of self-judgment.  Removing these obstructions can really enhance the anchoring of our goals into reality!  

My Wednesday Night Meditation is actually more like a Healing Energy Experience.  No "empty your mind" or "be the stillness" here.  It is more an experience of using different energy tools to take in different, wonderful, fulfilling and expanding energies into your aura and chakras, for your optimum benefit and well-being.  It's a great experience--check it out!

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