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About Marna
Marna Ehrech is a native Vermonter.  Involved in metaphysics at a very early age, she was instructed in yoga at age six, and was taught to dowse at the age of eight by her mother.  A life-threatening illness early on resulted in a special interest in healing on the personal, group and planetary levels.   She studied crystal healing for several years in the 80's and began working with energies from the angelic realm in the early 90's.  Her passion led her to combine the two; a conduit for healing for two decades, she channels angelic energies through crystals and gems in her work to improve and enhance her clients’ lives and situations.  This specialized knowledge is the basis for her classes and courses, and led to the creation and production of Cosma Creations Energy Essences.
An ordained minister, Marna has been conducting ceremonies for marriage and memorials for over 20 years, and is the mother of a trio of Leo boys.  She resides with her family in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.
Marna's energetic healing work happens remotely, through phone or Skype; a session can be 15 minutes or up to an hour.  She uses various tools in these healing/energy sessions including crystal wands, crystals & spheres, energy essences and more.
  Enjoy a remote session with Marna--even 15 minutes can bring about a beautiful unfolding into Self, a smoothing of the energetic "noise" that gets stirred up during a typical day, a dose of Divine Grace for each and every cell in your body and your being ... Do one per week for several weeks and really focus consciously on your Journey.  Magic happens!

To book a session,
call Marna at 802 - 238 - 7908
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